The Road Map of Life

I am a typical man that always thinks I know everything. My wife definitely knows how untrue that is. I hate it when we are driving in Hilo and I get upset because my wife won't follow my directions and turn when I say turn. It frustrates me to no end. I usually stay as patient as I can and then like a balloon with too much air I pop and spew out my awful self righteous blurt of "You never listen to me." "You make me so upset when you just won't listen." Sure enough I make this outburst just before I see that I was wrong and she was right. My feelings of being right are definitely misguided. This is my point. Maybe Life is like a road and we are all trying to drive without a map. Nobody knows this road better than someone that has made a mess of his or her life and now needs to find the way back out of the mess they are in. There are two books in the Bible that keep giving me a special road map of my life. Not that the rest of the Bible does not also do the same, but for me, these two books help me keep on course the most. First the book of Romans, also known as the Romans Road, has a definite road map to follow in getting started. It starts with Romans 3:23." We are all on the wrong road." [Paraphrased by me] Not just me or my wife or our friends and family but everyone in the whole world. Not saying that there aren't people who have found the correct road but they too needed help finding the right road. The Bible is a map to help all of us see where we stand on the road of Life. Being too stubborn to read the map is like I was with my wife in Hilo. I just always think I am right. I don't want to be wrong about the path of life I tread on. The Gospel of John is a real I (eye) opener. It slaps you right in the face if you are opposed to Jesus the Son of God. It is so easy to just stay happy with what you have always believed. If I was born a whatever I will die a whatever. Everyone deserves the right to choose their own path to follow. But not all paths lead to the same place. Read all the great books of the religions of our day, but your decision is the most important decision of your life. Jesus stands out as the most radical of all the supposed Prophets. Who would ever make the claim that they were the way, truth and Life. Who would ever make such a statement as "No one comes to the Father except he come by me." He is saying he is the road. Not just the map. What a joke that sounds like. Who could ever claim to know the Father and make such a statement. We all know that we can just find our own way without God's help. After all, look at the world we live in. It is just fine. Everyone is doing just great without God's help. After all, look at how we have done so far. We are all happy, loved, rich, We are selfless, caring, merciful, kind, never wrongfully angry at those we love. We are so perfect. No need for a map to find out where we stand on the road of life. Party on. Or read the map.