October 27, 2008

October 27, 2008
This has been a great week for portraits. Still learning and daily getting better.

I have finished one of my commissions, and have finished two more larger portraits, an Asian woman and a Hawaiian woman.

The first portrait is of Song a local model. Originally from China and living now in Kona.

The second is a Hawaiian beauty also from Kona. Later when I move back to oils I want to paint her again.

I also included a picture of the two girls that I promised last week.

As I learn portraits I will keep doing them in pastels, as they are much faster.

I line up eyes, nose, ear, and mouth with a opaque projector. I am free hand drawing the rest. I try to do one or two free hand portraits a day to improve my ability to see and draw more accurately. But for the larger pieces I am still using a grid or projector.

I have moved from grid to just marking the edges of the drawing with one inch marks. The portraits I do during the morning are smaller 5x7 and are done to improve my freehand ability. I am getting better at it, but not exact yet.