November 17, 2008

November 17, 2008
Well, it has been another wonderful week in Hawaii.

I love it.

The Kona volcanic vog is not bad at all this week. November has been warm, about 85 degrees and not very humid. Our winters have half the humidity.

My son in California is setting up a show for me in Buena Park on the weekend of December 12, 13, & 14.

I will come to LA and demonstrate "marine life" painting in acrylic. Also I will be signing any 8x10 prints that he sells while I'm there. I will also be bringing some smaller giclées with me for him to sell.

Here are some of the pieces I worked on this week.

Still trying to learn portraits, but so many original paintings sold in the last month that I have to start painting with oils again to keep up. I will keep drawing portraits for practice for a few months. They're not good enough to add it to my gallery yet.