November 15, 2006

November 15, 2006
I am doing much better.

Still amazed at how quick my kids have grown up and how fast I have grown older. Life is amazing. You think you know it all and no sooner do you learn something new and then all of a sudden you find you still know so little. 

Health is important and I want to keep painting and teaching in Kona and I am sure I will if God is gracious to me and I keep a healthy life style. No smoking no excessive drinking, eating good, plenty of exercise, and just plain living to the fullest and when the day is over getting plenty of rest. 

You spend your whole life thinking you are in control but one slight heart problem and you start to think it's not you but God who makes the decisions on when you live and when you die. It is so easy to just forget the scare I had and go back to living and thinking like nothing can stop me.

We all end the same way and it is not foolish to think about God once and awhile. Our currency says in God we trust so why not do it. Well, enough of that and now I want to just love my family more and learn to love the people I am around and not think about myself so much.

I am again demonstrating painting daily in Kona. I hope you can come and watch the next time you come to Kona.