March 21, 2006

March 21, 2006
The volcano is one of my favorite places to get next to the real Hawaii.

I love it when someone asks me while I am painting the volcano, "Have you ever really seen it that close?" So many questions. It's a painting! But yes, these are from my personal experiences over many years of hiking and photographing many different eruptions.

Paintings can be dreams, visions, real life experiences or just made up.

I like to paint from my imagination and my experiences. Art can be just about anything. To me my art is my personal expression of the things I love. Saying that, I will probably start painting portraits of my wife and kids someday.

By the way I have two grand-kids now. Gabriel and Melody Melo and one more boy on the way.

This year I will be celebrating two weddings. My daughter Liz and my son Michael. Both are blessed to have found their very special life partners