January 5, 2009

January 5, 2009
Happy New Year!

Tourism has been changing in Hawaii the last two weeks.

There are so many people here.

From a completely empty island town to a busy little active village again. I like it when it is busy as you could probably imagine. 

So, what have I been doing these last few weeks. Painting on "gessoed" mat board. Something new. You can gesso a mat board and paint with acrylic, oil or pastels if you want.

I started with chalk pastels first and then did a couple of acrylic paintings on board. But after all that I moved on to painting with oils on gessoed board. It leaves a really smooth surface to paint on using board.

Masonite wood or mat board.

The surfaces acts different than canvas. Try it you might like it. Here are a few of the pieces I came up with.