January 29, 2009

January 29, 2009
It has been another great week in Hawaii.

My son in law is working with my daughter in the Gallery, so that I can take some needed time to print and prepare for wholesale distribution of my Giclees.

As I do this I hope to also open another small shop in town to get more exposure for the Gallery.

A kiosk will do if I can find one right on the main drive.

I haven't painted all week. I am standing back and trying to look at the big picture.

I am sure I micro manage my affairs. Time to learn to take the time to plan. I am not a planner. Lets see how this looks after doing this for awhile. I am not a good manager. I am a plain and simple worker bee.


It took me 61 years to see this. I want to learn to work smart and not so hard.

I got alot of this after my grandson, 9 years old saw me laying down and getting up, over and over again, with more parts to something I was trying to think out.

I would grab my notebook and right more notes and lay down again. I was tired as I need to sleep but couldn't because my thoughts wouldn't stop.

He asked what I was doing and I told him. He said I get it, you think better when you are laying down. I congratulated him on his observation. But I kept the thought, The next day I was trading stocks and I was micro managing again and I tried what my grandson said.

I left the room and just thought about my moves in and out of the market and I started to rest and analyze more and not just chase the market. I was trading ETF's and the market was going the wrong way.

I just laid down and enjoyed talking with my wife, little thoughts would come to me to leave her and get out of the down trending market today thursday.

But lying there I didn't react to the market but made decisions from a more distant view.

I stood back and saw a bigger picture for the week of trading. I wasn't controlled by the market but I was controlling my positions from a broader view.

What does this have to do with art.


It only makes me not be such a micro manager in life.