January 12, 2009

January 12, 2009
This week I am attempting to paint an outrigger canoe along the Kona coast, with the town and mountains in the background.

The only thing I am having problems with are the paddlers.

Having my son-in-law pose in paddling positions is very helpful.

I will take a picture of it next week and post it.

I started the painting by memory.

Little by little I kept going out and looking at the hills, water, buildings, and canoes.

Nothing was left to pure memory.

It is a lot of walking back and forth from where my studio is to where I view all of what I am painting. But the painting turns out to me better this way then just to take some pictures and use them as composites.

You observe better when you know you are going to have to walk back again if you don't remember something.

It took me five trips to the ocean and two to the area where I can see the mountains.

Now I have to go again this week several times to observe the paddlers. They are not easy to capture.

Update you when I finish.