December 8, 2008

December 8, 2008
California has been great.

I haven't had time to do anything but work at my sons gallery, but it has been really nice. For me it has been cold and I haven't taken off my two jackets night or day.

I would have liked to have had the time to drive around and see my family but that is for another day.

There are so many people here but they are not collecting expensive art at this time.

All the time I have been here I have been working on small water colors for his gallery. If I ever left Hawaii I would probably not open my own gallery but hook up with some of the other fine art galleries already here.

My son has done a great job with a bad market. It is hurting everyone. Thanks to our banks and clumsy government oversight we will be in this mess for awhile. Not a good time to start something new.

Would like to stay longer but Hawaii calls.